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Nav Bar Interaction Help

Hi one and all,

Please view the link to my site below.

I have a nav bar at the top of my home page. When the viewer scrolls down I have another Nav appearing on scroll. When the viewer scrolls up again to the top, it moves out of view, which it should do. However, when right back at the top, it incorrectly appears again.

The “Fixed Nav” is the Nav that appears on scroll. The ‘Header’ remains at the top. The Fixed Nav works on an interaction (“Show Nav”), which is linked to the Paragraph in the ‘About’ section. I’ve checked several times that the “Show Nav” isn’t linked to anything else.

Hope the above understandable, because I just can’t work out why it happens!

Thank you!


Read only link:

PS: Is there a quick way to find out how many elements (and which ones) a specific interaction is applied to?

No and that’s maybe your issue. Very often with this kind of issues I find that an interaction has been linked several time, most likely on a container and an insider element. It’s a typical mistake that can happen in Webflow.

So I was going to ask, what are the elements with interactions at play here? Name of the elements and name of the interactions. You can try to un attach the interactions that are suppose to work here and see if there’sstill any weird behavior. Then duplicate them, attach the duplicate to elements again and delete the original ones, test again… see where I’m going?

Thanks @vincent , but that’s the problem. I’ve been though every element, one by one, near the top of the page and checked to see if it is linked to an interaction, but it isn’t…

The only elements that should be linked are the Fixed Nav and the paragraph in the About section. The Fixed Nav interaction is called Display None on Load and the paragraph is linked to the Show Nav interaction. And that should be it.

@cyberdave … any thoughts?

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