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Nav Show/Hide on Scroll Interaction Not Working (Only Works in Preview)

I’ve tested this over and over again. I deleted all of my interactions to get rid of any conflicts and I’m still running into issues.

I have a button in the nav bar that is supposed to appear once I scroll passed the “hero” area and hide when I scroll back to it. It works perfectly in the preview but when I publish to Webflow or Export the code it doesn’t appear at all.

All of my other interactions are working :confused:

Need help.


Oh, also I followed the tutorial and set it up exactly as the tutorial said.

Here’s the link to my webflow page

Hi @Travis_Rose, thanks for the post. I am sorry to hear about the trouble with the interaction :-/

Could you please share the read-only link to the site:

Also, could you please share a screenshot of the nav element in question?

Thanks in advance and I’ll be standing by for your response!


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