Navbar Interaction Issue & Small Navlink Quirk

Hey all, finally getting around to putting together the portfolio website and I’m running into a couple issues I can’t get to work just right. Hopefully you can help shed some light on what I’m missing…

I have a secondary navbar on my website that fades in when I scroll down to my first section, however I am having trouble getting that navbar to fade back out, only when the user scrolls back up into my hero section. Using the “Scroll Out of View” Trigger setting on that same interaction causes the navbar to fade back out after I scroll further down into the next section.

In addition to my navbar itself, the navlinks seem to be showing up as blue right after clicking on them, but as soon as the anchor link is near, it switches back to the desired color. I’ve included some screenshots to help illustrate the problem.

Read-Only Site Link
Chrome 45

Blue Link:

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hi. I have hard time to find on what element is attached the interaction that makes the light navbar to appear. Can you tell me?

found it. when exactly would you wnt the navbar to appear then disappear?

I got that by reworking a bit;

Ah, that looks to be working perfectly! I am interested in having it switch right before the white logo/links get over top the white background, so whatever you’ve triggered looks spot on.

Are there any issues with the menu after it scrolls further below the second section? Or have you gone about it differently than I did?

So what I did is I affected the interaction to the first section itself. saying when hover out show the light nav, when hover in mask it… Does this make sense to you?

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Oh geez, that seems so simple!

I was trying to trigger the navbar fade on the second section, which caused some trouble as soon as you scroll into the third section.

Thanks for figuring that one out for me!

Yes, it’s a bit counter intuitive to set your “first” interaction in the second part of the dialog, the hover out, then the “second” one in the first part… I was even wondering if it would bring trouble :slight_smile: But then it works great.

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It works much better than my initial attempt, and it gets rid of an odd bug where my interaction would trigger at a different area of the page on every trigger after the initial trigger.

Thank you again!

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