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Trouble editing image size in Rich Text

Just like the subject says. I’m working on formatting blog posts, and I can’t change the size of the images within a rich text field.

I’ve got a rich text field below the embedded blog post (it is beyond stupid that is what needs to be done in order to style a blog post, but that’s another topic), and I can style pretty much anything except the image size. I change the image size and positioning and literally nothing happens at all.

I need to be able to have images be different sizes within blog posts. What I’m trying to tackle right now is the ability to have two pictures be side-by-side, each taking up 50% of the container, without having that be the default style of every image in the blog post.

Is this possible at all, or did I grievously over-estimate the abilities of Webflow in this specific area?

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Hello, @Cricitem

You can try to set max-width for the image inside that Rich texts. It will affect all images inside that rich text and blog-post pages.

Or you can set a custom width to the image when you are adding content to the blog-post body. There you can style every image individually.


Unfortunately, setting a 50% width for individual images did nothing like what it sounds like it should do.

I’ve given up on the idea and I’m just going to have one option for large images, and anything else will have to be embedded imgur galleries.

Here’s to hoping Webflow MASSIVELY improves rich text in the near future.

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Hi @Cricitem, sorry if there was any trouble, have you tried to size the image using the image sizing tool in the collection manager? Double click on the image uploaded to edit the image settings for the individual image.

It is possible to upload your individual images for the rich text, then set the sizing for each post to be the size you need, for each individual image.

I hope this helps.

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