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Image settings missing for image shown in Rich Text element

I just started using Webflow and have created a site using one of the free templates. I’d like to replace an image but when I click on the image and go to “settings” there is no option to replace. If I delete the image, all of the other

content within the container is also deleted. Can someone help?

I’ve attached a screen shot.


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Try double clicking the image.

If that doesn’t work, please give us your public share link :slight_smile:


He won’t be able to do that, because rich text. /-:

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Hello @rstaad

Please watch the following video which should help you with your trouble :slight_smile: &

Let me know if that helps!

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Thanks @bart . Unfortunately, neither of these tutorials fixed the issue I’m having. I cannot delete the image after selecting the Rich Text container without deleting all other content automatically. In the first video you provided, only the image is deleted. In the second video, the image is accessed via Collections “All Items.” I’m unable to access this content through the CMS and there isn’t an option for “All Items.” I appreciate the advice though.

Double click the Rich Text to start edit mode and then remove the image.

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