Cannot upload images in rich text element

First, I just want to tell you all that I’m very excited to be part of the amazing webflow community. In the past making websites was often something that I found to be tedious and cumbersome. Not a very enjoyable process. But now, with webflow, the process of prototyping and building a site is very comfortable, flexible and fun.

With that said and since web design isn’t my strong point I will need to come here from time to time ask you all for some help. I hope you don’t mind. Please bare with me.

The issue that I’m dealing with today is this.

  • In a Rich Style Element in a Blog Post i want to add a small image (164x68 px)
  • I add/upload image, can see image and the upload-OK-green-checkmark-icon
  • The next second the image disappears. Only a blue tiny box appears
  • When checking the image information, it shows the filename correctly but the pixel and data size says “loading”. If I click open-in-new-tab/window-icon next to filename no new window/tab opens. Seems like the image didn’t get uploaded after all

Am I doing something wrong? Have anyone else encountered something like this? Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

There are a few things to check for.

The biggest problem anyone has is generally using Webflow not in Chrome, and not on the latest version.

You will also want to let us know the file type and size, not just the resolution. Although considering what the image is and that it is small in resolution, it’s probably irrelevant.

Try refreshing Webflow. I’m sure you have tried this by now.

Sometimes a file type is not always correct. Try opening it in an image editor like Photoshop. If this is the problem, you will get an error. An easy fix is to open the file in Microsoft Paint and save it as a new file or even new file type (jpg or png).

If that last one didn’t solve the issue, you’re running out of luck. Clear your browser cache and history, and restart your computer for the sake of actually making it to this point. Now log back in and hope for the best.

Thank you very much for your prompt reply! Many great pointers there.

For some reason your comment about the small image resolution stuck out to me. So I decided to try adding a bigger image (over 1200x1200) just to see if it would also disappear. It didnt. It worked! Yay!

Note to self (and any other webflow users running into a similar problem). Avoid using too small images in rich text elements.

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