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How do I style blog post images?


I want to be able to change the look of my blog post images. Ideally, I’d like to be able to choose between one to three different styles (for example, I’d like some images to have a border, but some images not to have a border).

How do I create classes and apply them to blog post images? I don’t see a way to do it in the blog post form, although it seem like you might be able to do it using this dialog box:

Nor does there seem to be a way to do it on the blog page template, which shows options for changing rich text block settings, but not images:

Thank you!

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If the images are a part of a Rich Text Element, there is currently no way of adding classes to specific ones, tho I think that’s a great thing to put on a Wish List :).

There are 2 ways of handling this currently:

  1. Style all images within the Rich Text Element -
  2. Make the images not a part of the Rich Text and simply have them on the page pulling images from CMS. Make sure to set Conditional Visibility for those images in Page Template, so they are not shown if the image in CMS is not set. More info on Conditional Visibility can be found here: New Feature: Conditional Visibility. Also we have a nice video that explains Conditional Visibility :)

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