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Trouble contacting webflow support

Anyone else having trouble contacting webflow support? I used their online chat bot to send the first email around 4 days ago and haven’t gotten any response or confirmation. Sent another email a couple days after and still don’t have any response.

They have some growth issues and are working to keep up with the support requests. They are investing more into their support and are adding more people to the staff. Would recommend for you to ask the community for help unless it’s a sensitive matter.

Its a specific question about the student discount and my situation, so I guess I will have to wait as they are the ones choosing who gets the discount or not. Thanks for such a quick reply.

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I also applied for a student discount… 8 months ago. Be prepared to not get any answers on your request.

Webflow is too expensive for me if I do not get the discount. I love the service, but not being able to contact webflow in a timely manner and not being able to get a discount they advertised is making me want to find an alternative.

Webflow is an amazing platform, no question about it. But they are suffering from growth ache and do not have the resources to keep up with these types of requests at the moment. It’s unfortunate but all you can do is contact the support team and just wait.