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Trouble changing image in Editor - Menu blocking edit icon

Hi, I’m Trying to change my main hero image in the editor. But the navbar doesn’t let me change it. Every time I’m near the change image icon it disappears because of the navbar.

Does anybody know how to solve this?

Hi @Robin_Alcedo_Overbos, I am sorry to hear about the trouble. If you disable the browser extensions by opening an incognito mode window in chrome, or private window mode in Safari, and then access to the editor, are you then able to change the image?

Could you help to share the read-only link to the site and published link?

Thanks in advance. If you do not wish to share the link publicly, you can also send me a private message with the info.

Hi @Robin_Alcedo_Overbos, just checking in to see if the issue is persisting, if you are still experiencing any issues, let me know the site link, you may also report the issue on the support contact page:

Thanks in advance.

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