Editor Background change with fixed nav button issue

Hey all. I couldn’t find the thread for this but I do think this should be considered a bug. When you have a fixed nav, you can’t change the hero background image in the editor because the button to do so is stuck behind the nav. This makes it impossible to use fixed navs on sites where clients want to be able to change the hero background, which unfortunately is almost every site I build.

Is there a wishlist item for this or something?

Any chance on this being addressed soon?

Thanks all for your hard work!

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Hi @DFink

Thanks so much for posting about this and great point.

This is a known issue that we plan on addressing as we make changes to the Editor. Although I don’t have a specific time frame as to when this will be tackled, we definitely have it our roadmap.

That said there are a couple of workarounds you can use:

  1. If you have a transparent navbar, you can add a small amount of right margin to the entire navbar. Or set the navbar width to 98%. Either way the goal here is to create a bit of space on the right side so your pointer can access the edit icon.

  2. If your navbar is not transparent, you can add a collection list to the section and bind the background image to a specific collection item. From there the image will be editable via the CMS.

​I hope these workarounds help for now while we continue to research solutions for this. :bowing_man:

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