Slider arrow blocking access to editor button

Hi there,

I’m testing the Editor for a client. They want to be able to change the Hero slider images and text.
Now is the placement of the Editor change image button exactly under the Arrows bar on the side.

Or am I missing something.


Hey René @onecompany,

Thanks for notifying us. Yes indeed it’s on the top right corner and underneath the right arrow element. That’s why you can’t access it.

The team has been notified.

Again thank you René

Hi Anna,

Ok. Also when you change the image (i removed the arrow element) you don’t have the “cover” option.


Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone

In the editor, you don’t get the option to change the settings of the image René. The image will always inherit the size and properties set by you in the designer. So, if you have set size: cover to the slider background image, any image you upload in the editor will have size: cover.

Check your settings and confirm please.

Hi Anna,

Yep that worked after changing to size: cover.


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You’re most welcome René @onecompany

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