Hero section moving

Hey, I am having some weird things happening when I publish my site or use the editor and I am really not sure why.

It seems like my heroes section or hero slider moves up when I scroll down and remains there and I end up with a grey bar under the hero section. This does not happen while in the the designer or when I preview the site.

Also the other issue I am having is when in the editor I am unable to edit the slider images because the nav bar sits above the hero section. So when I hover over the the image the icon to edit slider image pops up but when I move towards the icon and the mouse hovers over the nav bar the icon disappears. Is there a work around?

I have attached some screen shots.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Here is my public share link:

Hi @rcapozzi,

I can’t seem to reproduce it in Google chrome.
Are you still experiencing this problem or is it fixed?


Hi nwdsha,

I have just tried it on Chrome on two different computers the first it doesn’t happen when I publish it but does happen in the editor and the second computer it happens in both. When I say editor I mean in the client editor not designer.

And the other issue is been able to change the slider image as the (image change icon) disappears when I make my way towards it and the mouse cursor moves on top of the nav bar.

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