Translations as Editor?

I’m still not getting the new translation feature: I don’t want a translator to have control over the design (when they’re logged in as a designer). But an editor can’t translate, in the editor. Or am I missing something?

I haven’t tested it, but Webflow just announced that translation was added to “Editor Mode”, which means the editor role in the designer.

I think you might be able to set it up as follows;

  • Client-owned free workspace
  • Site in that workspace, running on the appropriate plan + localization
  • You invited as a guest
  • Site configured so that the client has a Site access role of “Can edit”
  • Your invited account has “Site admin”

This should hopefully give you the basic setup you’re looking for. You can design, the client can edit and translate, they are paying for the site.

Alternately, you can use your own CC and bill them, but… that get weird if they uninvite you from the workspace. I guess you’d call support to have your CC removed?

Obviously it’s not super easy to set this up- likely you’d have to create the account for them, and setup the hosting for them which mean them trusting you with their Google login and credit card info, or else them learning how to do it themselves through video tutorials you create.

That’s exactly what they invented the Editor for!!
It’s a big problem that there’s no clear statement about Editor support for Locales in the future.
I’m really frustrated that Webflow is not clear about such an expensive feature as Locales is.

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The client is my company - so, it’s not that complicated :wink:

  • I opened a new webflow-account (starter workspace)
  • I invented my “designer”-webflow-account to my new workspace

When I try to transfer the site incl. site-plan to the new opened webflow-account, I get this error:


Can’t I transfer a site incl. the site plan? Is there a risk of loss of data if I downgrade to starter first?

And it seems, that I can’t downgrade myself to “can edit” on a starter workspace (“owner” is grayed out):

No, as far as I’m aware, you cannot transfer a site plan to another workspace-
It’s a different credit card account so it’s more than just a database change, there’s need to be some acceptance and billing processes attached.

In most areas of the site, no. You won’t lose pages or CMS data. However I’m not certain about localized work specifically. If you downgrade to starter, you also have to cancel the locales and… remove them from the site? Seems risky.

I’d contact support first as they may be able to help you with the move without losing that data.

Just came here because I just had the same realisation…

I convinced my client to switch from Weglot to Webflow for their translations and am baffled to find out that Editors cannot input translations… I understand massive features like this require additional fees, but hiding certain, key functionalities behind another pay wall is infuriating.

Support’s comments are:

…That being said, our Localization features were optimized for the advanced collaboration and content editing capabilities of Edit Mode in the Designer and we do not intend to build Localization support in the Editor in the future.

So don’t expect any changes in the future.

The proposal of @memetican sounds good - but I cant find any role ‘can edit’ for the people who just have to translate and edit: :see_no_evil:

EDIT: Just read, that ‘can edit’ is a workspace-role and not a site-role… that means, free inviting an agency or freelancer does not work (because the owner of the workspace always is an admin and can not be ‘can edit’). I do have to buy a second (and third) seat in my workspace.