Hidden costs for many localization users, is this intended or is it a glitch?

First of all, the upcoming localization feature looks REALLY great and I’m looking forward to trying it out. The high price will make it hard to sell to smaller clients (even in a high-cost country like where I live), but I think the benefits will still outweigh the price for bigger clients.

The problem:
A significant portion of Webflow sites are hosted by the Webflow developer on behalf of the end-user. The end-users edit their website through the content editor that comes with the hosting plans. But, as I understand it, the content in the new localization feature isn’t accessible via this content editor. Instead, users must use a Designer seat or have an “Edit only” role in the Designer to edit localized content.

This essentially means that end-users (the actual site owner) can’t independently edit the localized content on their own site(!) without buying at least one Workspace seat in addition to a hosting plan and a localization plan. Consequently, the real cost of just localization alone rises by a minimum of $19 per month (for one Core Workspace seat), making it a minimum of +$28 for the Essential localization plan and +$48 for the Advanced localization plan.

I do not think it’s fair that website owners are “forced” to purchase a plan that includes the Designer, with a lot of functionalities they do not need, just to do straightforward content edits on their site.

The solution(?):
Why can’t we have a more reasonably priced Workspace plan option that only offers the “Edit only” feature in the Designer interface? or even better, scrap the “old” content editor that is included in the hosting plan and replace it with a “Edit only” version of the Designer?


Hey @Christoffer

I agree with 100%! Especially your idea for the solution:
→ Getting rid of the “content editor” and just make a new plan for the “Edit only” feature.

And to expand this vision…
PLEEEASE Webflow, add the following two features to the “Edit only” mode:

  • Add/remove Components to the Canvas
  • Add/remove pages in the pages-panel

This would make Webflow a Drag & Drop Website Builder for our clients – like Typo3, Drupal, etc.

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