Localization as Editor not working?

Before going on holiday for Xmas/new years assigned my one staff to do edits and tweaks to our top level pages that auto-translated into Thai (after much pain). Surprised to come back to work to see the task in “blocked.” Sure enough, I also cannot edit the static text when in our domain/th. The CMS shows up correctly in the Editor view as Thai, but… when looking at any page in the local directory, /th, as soon as you hit the Editor button in the lower right it reverts to English even thought the page location is still in /th… so… how can my staff or a future hired translater use the Editor?

On the page Localization overview - Webflow University Documentation - it clearly states “You can click the Locale view dropdown and choose a secondary locale from the list to access your site in design mode, edit mode, or preview mode.” — yet… there’s no such dropdown, other than the one I built in and it doesn’t change the language though that language shows as the active one in the menu.


Design, edit and preview modes refer to modes in the designer.
The editor is a totally separate thing, which does not yet appear to support localization.

I haven’t seen any announcements on how or when Webflow will fix this but yes it’s a huge headache. Even the ability to have the primary locale auto-translated when changes are made would solve 100 major issues in the admin workflow.

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Wow. I gotta say that feels extremely misleading. Maybe that’s why there’s no Editor screenshots in the documentation that page links to. The written description is almost the same. Funny, I didn’t even know there was second dropdown in the Designer view at the right, so thanks for pointing that out. But, kinda weird UX to have “Editor” both in the top left hamburger menu AND another dropdown to the right (though, kinda convenient).

On this page - https://university.webflow.com/lesson/workspace-roles-and-permissions?topics=workspaces-billing#site-level-roles-and-permissions - It says under “Can edit role” that they can “Open the site in edit mode or the Editor.” So… hmm. Anyway, I’d say all around pretty confusing or misleading. Thanks for clarifying. One more feature request I see. Hope this comes.

There’s a lot of work that Webflow has to do here.
Right now there are some fundamental issues with how the ongoing translation maintenance process works. You essentially have to make the change to primary, and then change locale and…

  • Go to every translated element
  • Reset it
  • Re-translate it

For every locale individually.

The editor doesn’t even show the element navigator ( my team calls it the meta-DOM ). So there’s not even a way to do this.

Not sure what the plan is, but we’re all hoping there is one.