Transform a Starter site into a Basic site (existing account)

I have a Basic site running and published to a custom domain (, it’s working fine. Now I wanna rebuild the site, maybe from scratch, here’s how I would like to do it: Start a new project (as a Starter site), and once I’m happy with the result, ditch the site that is currently published and use my Basic account to transform the new site into a Basic site, without purchasing a second subscription. Is that possible? How?

Yes, you’ll setup a new hosting plan, but Webflow support will credit you for any outstanding balance on the site you’re replacing.

Would I have to downgrade my current Basic site to a Starter site first, in order to get a credit/ an outstanding balance, and avoid getting billed for two Basic sites?

Contact Webflow support. Tell them what you’re planning to do, they’ll tell you the easiest way to complete that hosting & billing transition.

I haven’t done this in the new Workspaces yet, so I’m hopeful something has been improved there.