Transferring project to Starter account for client?

I’ve been using Webflow for my own projects for a few years now, but this is the first time I’m handing off a site to a client.

I don’t want to host the site on my account and use client billing, as I always transfer ownership of everything to the client. The site is a Standard E-Commerce site (it’s not launched/hosted yet). I have a Lite account plan. I know that the Starter account plan does not allow transferring of projects. But if I’m the one transferring the project, can I transfer it TO my client if they setup a Starter account? As far as I can tell, they should be able to run a Standard E-Commerce site on a Starter account without any limitations, yes?

(I usually use Squarespace for clients, and the handoff process there is simple; whereas Webflow’s process seems unnecessarily complicated — due to the two-prong system of hosting and account plans.)

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Hey @BDK , the project can always live on your dashboard and you can still offer client billing. In a Lite account, once a project has a hosting plan, it is essentially lifted off of your 2 project limit. So you can technically stay on Lite Account forever.

When you setup client billing, you select the plan and send the link over to the client so they only have to pay for the Webflow hosting and not need a Webflow Account plan.

If you do not want the project living in your dashboard and want to transfer the whole thing to your client, then you can follow this instead:

Thanks for the response, @imtiazraqib!

Just to clarify, if I don’t want to keep the project in my dashboard and fully hand it off to the client, I can transfer it to them even if they have a Starter account? In this scenario, I would then have them pay for the site hosting after the handoff, and launch it for them from their account.

That would be correct @BDK . As long as a project has hosting plan attached to it, it really does not matter what account you have in Webflow.

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