Guidance on Replacing Current Site with a New Template on a Paid "Basic" Plan

What is the best way to nuke my current site while keeping what is there LIVE and then start over with a newly paid-for template?

I currently have a paid “Basic” site plan and am considering starting over with a new template, specifically the Cleaning 128 Small Business Website Template. I’ve gained more experience with WebFlow and realized there are aspects of my current site that I’d like to improve or remove. I want to start over.

I came across this forum post that seems to discuss a similar situation, but I’m still unsure about the best approach.

Here are my questions:

  1. Do I need to purchase another “Basic” site plan to work on the new template while keeping my current site live?
  2. Can I add the new template to my existing “Basic” site plan without affecting the live site?
  3. I’m concerned about transferring classes and other elements. How can I ensure a smooth transition?
  4. I do have a staging environment. Is there a way to completely erase my current project in the staging environment and start anew without affecting the live site?

I appreciate your guidance on how to effectively “start again” on my paid plan without publishing changes to the live site.