Downgrading to starter to transfer

I am trying to transfer a site that is currently on a plan to another account

It says I have to downgrade to starter

Will I loose any of my CMS/content if I do this and then the account I transfer it to upgrades it back to a paid plan?

I’ve read here that no you won’t, but I haven’t verified it personally.

What I’d recommend is-

  1. Duplicate the site, the new site will be start, the existing site will still be hosted
  2. Transfer the duplicate
  3. Have the client setup the hosting plan on their new workspace ( or you do it if you’re a guest there )
  4. Publish the new site and verify the site’s operation on Make sure all your data is there.
  5. As a last step, remove the domain from your site, and add it to theirs, verify it’s live and working, then delete the hosting plan on your version.

That will minimize downtime ( to 30 sec or less ) AND solve your concerns about data disappearing.