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Transferring projects from Pro account to a Team account

So, I work a company who uses Webflow to host their website. In the past few months we’ve started to use the platform to create several websites for clients. We have now switched to a team account, but were under the impression that going over to a team account was essentially just upgrading from a Pro account, but with an extra person able to access. Turns out, that’s not how it works, and I’m now trying to figure out how to transfer our main website, which is hosted on Webflow, as well as 4 other projects (not yet published or hosted anywhere) over to this team account.

I had a similar problem so I copied the sections from the original project to a new project on the team account to migrate.
But I only had one page on the original project so it wasn’t too much trouble.
This isn’t a good solution, but it was the only one I found at the time. :disappointed:

This university article should help.

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