Transferring Data From Airtable To Webflow

Hi! Just wanted to make a post on this real quick.
If you need to transfer data from airtable to webflow use


It is a simple, fast and absolutely fantastic product which will make your life 10x easier at least. It is amazing. I simply would not have been able to do without it.

Reference, multi reference, no need to format anything different in airtable. I just can’t say enough good things.

That is all! Have a good day & use whalesync!!! (and no this is not a paid promotion or anything i really just love whalesync) :alien:


Thanks so much for the kind words Cody! :blue_heart:

We’re thrilled Whalesync has been helpful for you and Homegrown! Excited to use your feedback to keep making it better :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Happy to second @codyarsenault recommendation.

After months of trying multiple tools I thankfully came across @whalesync.

The very essence of low code. A simple set it and forget solution that negates the need for fiddling around with multiple Zapier type workflows to keep Airtable & Webflow data in perfect sync.

Support is on-point too. There’s a lot of shady software out there at the min and for me support or the lack thereof is a primary blocker.

@whalesync keep an active Slack channel so when I face an issue and I have I just post it in Slack, they respond to me in minutes and get back to me with a fix and I move on. All the while my data in both Webflow & Airtable remains unaffected. The piece of mind of that alone is priceless.

Be sure to check out their solid business aligned roadmap.

A definite keeper!

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:raised_hands: Really appreciate that Ibrahim! We’re fortunate to be building a tool for awesome people like yourself.

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