Sync Airtable to Webflow (instantly)

Hi everyone! We’ve been working on a tool I wanted to share with the community.

After months of private beta, we’re publicly launching our Airtable x Webflow sync at Whalesync! It lets you sync your Airtable data to your Webflow CMS instantly.

The problem

Webflow is the best frontend tool on the planet. Airtable is an amazing backend database. The combo allows for really powerful websites, but connecting the two is hard.

Trying to do this with automation tools like Integromat can be complicated and brittle… especially when it comes to things like multi-reference fields.

The solution

A super simple (but powerful) way to sync data from your Airtable base to your Webflow CMS. You just map the collections/fields you want to connect and Whalesync creates a real-time sync.


We support the major field types out of the box including multi-reference and rich text fields.

How we’re different

  • :zap: we sync in real-time
  • :keyboard: we offer 1:1 support via Slack/calls
  • :rocket: we’re a growing, venture-backed team (so the product is constantly improving)
  • :rotating_light: our Issues page provides detailed error messages

Getting started

We have a free trial if you want to check it out. Also, here’s a quick demo video:

I mean it when I say this wouldn’t be possible without the amazing people in this community who provided feedback to us throughout the beta. Thank you @codyarsenault, @IbrahimNK, @Hendrik_Dacquin, @GlennAtTheFlow and the many others whose Webflow usernames I don’t have off the top of my head! :pray:

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Hi everyone -

I was recommended to Whalesync from a friend. I have 3 Webflow sites that share data available through 1 AirTable base. I spend way too much time parsing data, uploading to Airtable, then uploading to each Webflow site. I am quite literally the bottleneck at my company and haven’t the bandwidth to build something custom (I also don’t need to stay awake at night trying to think about if those custom solutions are still working).

I set up my sync, and when I had a question about the sync, Matt (above) reached out to me directly in the Slack group, and worked through the question until I had an answer.

Matt also replied to my initial inquiry email within 30 minutes when I was weighing my options before I’d decided to sign up with Whalesync.

The product is awesome, the customer service is exceptional. Stop spinning your wheels and get onboard with Whalesync. Kudos to Matt and team!


I agree. Great product and great customer support.


Couldn’t agree more - already a fan - excellent product and customer support

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Appreciate it! So glad :raised_hands: