Webflow Memberships Sync!

Whalesync now supports two-way syncing users from Webflow Memberships! :tada:

About Webflow Memberships Sync

With Whalesync you can now sync Webflow users with other apps like Airtable or Notion.

This makes it easy to:

  • Create BI dashboards on your users (in Airtable)
  • Bulk update users
  • Connect your users to other information (e.g. billing info)

Setting up Memberships Sync

Webflow Memberships sync is available on all Whalesync plans. To sync Webflow users, simply choose “User accounts” from the Whalesync table mapping page:


If you want to sync Webflow users with Airtable, you can also copy our free User Accounts Airtable template here.

Learn More

Check out our docs for more info on the new feature.

Looking for Memberstack?

While Webflow Memberships is an amazing feature, some Webflow builders opt for Memberstack to handle their more advanced membership needs.

Good news is we’re working on a Memberstack connector too! If interested in getting early access to our Memberstack connector shoot an email to: hello@whalesync.com.