Two-way sync Webflow and Airtable!

Super excited to share a big update for anyone that’s trying to connect their Webflow CMS to Airtable!

As of today, Whalesync now supports two-way sync between Webflow and Airtable!

  • Update data in Webflow CMS → syncs to Airtable (in real-time)
  • Update data in Airtable → syncs to Webflow CMS (in real-time)

Here’s a 48 second demo of two-way sync in action:

If anyone wants help or just has questions in general about the benefits of connecting Webflow to Airtable feel free to shoot me a message!


Good work. Keep it up!

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Thank you! Appreciate it.

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Hi, can you use this to sync ecommerce products from Webflow to Airtable? Thanks

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Hi Dan! Not yet, unfortunately, although we do plan on adding support for Webflow E-Commerce in the future. It’s one of our more highly requested integrations.

If you click “other integrations” here you can sign up to be notified once we launch Webflow E-Comm.

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