Help an old lady transfer sites? :)

Okay, not OLD, but I am 63yo, and frankly, ready to retire. :slight_smile:

I’ve been using Webflow since the very early days, but haven’t used it much at all in the past several years since I quit freelancing. There have been a lot of structural updates since I last transferred a site.

I never switched my accounts to client billing, so I have three client sites, all of whom just repay me for their hosting plans which get billed to me.

One of the clients (who isn’t tech-savvy at all) wants me to transfer their site to them so someone they know can take over design and billing. This is totally fine with me. They’ve created a starter Webflow account, and I have the account email they used.

I have read, re-read, and triple-read the documentation, but can’t find out which comes first… transferring billing to them, or transferring a duplicate site to them. And I’m not exactly sure what is involved in both of those processes, because I’m scared to initiate a process without knowing what to expect… and without knowing what to tell them to expect.

Here’s the breakdown:
If I understand correctly, I need to:

  1. Duplicate the site
  2. Select “transfer” on the duplicate site.
  3. Enter their email.
  4. They will receive a notice that they have to accept the transfer.

I need to also transfer the site billing to them, but it’s not obvious to me how to do it.

  • Do I transfer billing before transferring the site or after?
  • Does their billing plan start over upon transfer, or do they get credit for what they’ve already paid? (Their renewal is in July.)

Also, do the domain settings follow this transfer?

Can anyone give me a step by step process for what I need to do to pitch the site and billing over to them, and what they’ll need to do on their side to be ready to catch it?

Thank you!

You cannot “transfer” the billing, they’ll need to establish a new hosting plan.
In general, I’d do the whole process as one person to minimize downtime.
The general process looks like this;

In your workspace;

  • Clone the site
  • Transfer the site to the client’s workspace
  • Client sets up billing on the same hosting plan

Once that’s ready;

  • Remove the domains from your current site
  • Cancel hosting on your current site

Client can then add the domains to their new site.

There should be minimal downtime, if they’re quick. There is a possibility they’ll need to create a new TXT record to verify the domain ownership in their new account before Webflow will add it, so I’d do this process at a time that minimizes disruption.

If you were doing it yourself, and you are on a Freelancer or Agency account, the client can invite you to their workspace so that you can oversee the move of the domain itself as efficiently as possible.

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Thank you so much!! This is helpful. I will probably need to have a virtual meeting and take control of their computer. Sigh.