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Transfer Project Troubleshoot

Hi Guys :wave:,

I’m writing here because I’ve finished some projects for a client of mine and now it’s time to transfer those projects to his webflow account.

The thing is that for some reason the project that I’m trying to send to the client account is not transferring.
I’ve already double-checked the email that I’m trying to send to and it is correct after I press “transfer” a pop-up shows up saying that a transfer request has been made, but I don’t see anything inside the client email and on mine.

I have a Professional Plan for my account and before this, I’ve already transferred like 10 projects without any issue.

Do you know if there is something that I’m missing? The client account is currently on the free plan but I’m pretty sure that doesn’t mean anything because I’ve already done this several times in the same conditions.

Hopefully, someone can help me figure out what is going on, I should theoretically publish those projects tomorrow :sweat_smile:

Thank you in advance.

  • Lorenzo