Transfer hosting

I’ve just gotten started with Webflow. I bought a hosting plan on one project and a premium template was applied to another project. I’ve read through the options of cancelling my hosting and subscribing to new hosting.

I’ve gone ahead and cancelled my hosting. I haven’t got a refund or credit to use on my other project. I don’t want a refund. I just want to use the refund amount on my other project.

I bought and cancelled within 2 hours. Do I need to contact support or does something happen magically ?


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Normally I find refunds (in general) take 3-5 days to post due to processing and transfer delays but it’s something I’d contact Webflow Support about just to confirm.

contact tech support
they confirmed my refund after I did the same (in order to transfer hosting from private to team account)
tech support can also directly transfer hosting plans from one project to another upon request

How long did you wait for response?