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Do I get a refund if I cancel an annual hosting plan during the set period

Hi Webflow,

Just got a quick question. I currently host 8 sites through the webflow, which works really good. I set the hosting plans of some websites to annual subscription. I was wondering if I get a refund if I cancel my hosting subscription when set (and already paid) on annual.

And what happend if I downgrade it from annual to monthly. Do i get a refund?


Just email for account credits. :slight_smile:

Ok, will do. But it’s not that I want to cancel the hosting right now, but just in case a client wants to stop with his website this month and I need to cancel the hosting with you guys. So i’m curious what the effect will be if I choose an annual plan and after six months I decide to cancel it.

You have to set up the hosting and link the domains again when you decide to continue.

Is your time worth billing the client? You decide.

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