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Need help with re-adding hosting plan


I added a site, hosting plan, and custom domain to my account. After messing with the template for a bit I decided I did not like it, so I cancelled the hosting plan, and deleted the site. I wanted to create the same site with a different template, but when I went back and selected a template that I liked, webflow told me to pay for the hosting plan again. Also at this point I could not restore the previous site as I had deleted it already. I did not even get an email receipt from webflow so I am in a lot of trouble here having paid $200 for the annual plan and now with nothing to show for it.

Can I have that hosting plan transferred to a different project? I’d really appreciate some help on this as that annual plan was quite an investment on my end.


Hi @A_K, thanks for the post. Normally when a hosting is cancelled, the subscription is also cancelled.

In the future, if you need to transfer hosting from one project to another, contact us at, we can help to transfer the hosting from one project to another.

There is also work and testing ongoing to possibly add this as a dashboard option, but I cannot give a timeline for the ability to self-transfer hosting between projects.

In the meantime, if you can send an email to and let me know @cyberdave when done, I will make sure you are credited for the unused time remaining on the original hosting. The credit will apply toward a new hosting.

Thanks in advance

Hi @cyberdave I just emailed support with my PDF invoice and account details. Thanks for the help.

Hi @cyberdave sorry for the spam but webflow support has fixed problems on my end. Thanks for your help!

Hi @cyberdave

This post has been very helpfull. I am coping with the same problem.
I need to transfer the hosting from one project to another. Regarding a newly purchased template.
Can you help me with this?

Kind regards,