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Transfer Hostgator Hosting to Webflow Only Hosting

Hi guys,

For the last 2 days I read as many topics as I could about hosting and Webflow. They are A LOT!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t answer my question and I wouldn’t dare to risk with some trial-and-error.

The Background
Hostgator is our old hosting which we have been using in the past years only for creating subdomains and linking them to Webflow.

Webflow is our preferred websites building tool and we will stick with it :slight_smile:

The Question
Is it possible, and how to use only Webflow for managing domains, subdomains and website building, after cancelling the Hostgator subscription?

We would rather invest in Webflow than Hostgator if we could manage all domains and subdomains without HG.

Webflow does not provide DNS services so that needs to be managed somewhere.

Thank you, Jeff!

So, any hosting that I can transfer the DNS too, no matter how quick it is should do as long as it has CPanel or similar for domain management, right?

If you don’t need hosting other than Webflow then all you need is DNS management. That can be handled by most registrars that offer DNS management. My preference is Cloudlflare since the renewals are at cost versus a marked up service. I don’t use proxy on Webflow sites.

Thank you, Jeff!

These are all good guiding points and I searched and found this post which is a starting point.

If you don’t mind asking for my clarity - once I transfer the DNS management from HostGator to Cloudflare, then I would be able to create subdomains without issue and link to Webflow like I did in HostGator. Is that right?

Asking because from what I found CPanel is not installed by default and requires installation.

Subdomains are nothing more than DNS records pointing somewhere. DNS management is a core function of Cloudflare. I suggest you spin up a domain at Cloudflare and see how you would manage it. It’s how I learned the product.

Thank you, Jeff!

The past few days I have been struggling a bit with Cloudflare and my domain registar. At the end it turned out that Google Apps used GoDaddy at the time when I purchased the domain (2009). I am able to access the DNS records through GSuite Domain Manager and pointed the DNS records to Cloudflare but nothing seems to happen yet (more than 24h).

Cloudflare has been pretty slow for some reason for the last 2 days. I can’t even login. Might be a temporary problem but if it continues for the next 2 days, will have to go with different option.

Do you know another alternative where I would have the option to manage the DNS records and all else necessary for Webflow to function OK?

Cloudflare is rarely down and supports unbelievable amounts of bandwidth. They show some errors today with their admin interface, so that might be what you are experiencing. CF has been close to perfect for my needs.

I am not a fan of handing over traffic data to Google but they do offer Cloud DNS services.

There are a plethora of DNS Registrars that offer DNS management as part of the zone registration service. I am one myself. I don’t provide DNS ala cart, only as a bundled solution. Hopefully, you can find the right provider and resolve your issue soon. Good luck.

I can’t thank you enough for your support, Jeff!

Google Domain App Management + Cloudflare + Webflow works perfectly well now. And we can focus some 200 USD in hosting for something more useful.

Thank you very much and all the best!