Hosting question


I currently host my website with ICDSoft which allow me to get a domain name and host a website (HTML or Wordpress) at very cheap price (around $50/year).

From what I read from webflow website, to host webflow you need to register a domain name with a registrar and from there you link that to webflow which use fastly and Amazon Cloud.

I have lot of questions regarding that:

  1. I read that with Webflow, you can’t create subdomain or host a Wordpress website… why? Technically, if you create an account with Fastly, you can, so why not with Webflow using Fastly?

I create lot of subdomain to work on private project, so it’ll very important to me to use them as well as Wordpress.

  1. I can link Webflow to my domain hosted by ICDSoft. So if I do that, I will be hosted by two separate server companies? One for email/subdomain ans one for Webflow website? Am I right? So no need to actually transfer my domain…

Thank you

Not transfer the domain - just point the dns. All Web based building services allow your own domain. All you’re doing is basically masking - or pointing the cname (and sometimes other records) to a specific server.

Webflow is simply masking that record to their servers to show your content.

No you won’t be hosted by two companies - but this depends on how you structure your actual domains & sub-domains.

You can have 1 parent domain - then add 20 subdomains and all these sub-domains can be hosted on 20 different servers - or services. Nothing changes in the actual Registrar of yours’. It’s just faux, mask, fake pointing of names that aren’t real - they just reference to that fact that you have a Primary Domain with a specific name! That’s all domains are - just a way to keep my 1 company name. And validate it!

Using multiple services - I need to add a fake name so the new hosting will allow my (FILES) on their server. It’s the same, it’s just a way for hosting companies to Guarantee they get paid :grin:


Now if you point the “A RECORD”, that’s a whole different deal. Then YES, you can only have 1 parent or primary record for a domain. The A record would move your domain to that specific company, aka Squarespace, Wix, etc. But don’t EVER DO that, just use CNAMES or TXT.

If I understand it’s better to stay with my hosting company so like that I will have the possibility to have Wordpress, multiple subdomains and possibility to link Webflow servers/website right?

Just don’t like that I have to pay 2 different things instead of one, but until Webflow servers allow you to use or create subdomain, look like it is something that will stay like that.