Transfer host - bluehost to webflow - protect email mx records

I will be transferring hosting from Bluehost to Webflow. I want to ensure I do not lose the existing emails. How do I move the MX records or is that done automatically?

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I think this post will answer your question:

Thanks for the quick response. When I spoke to a Bluehost agent (questionable expertise), he indicated that all emails would be lost after the hosting transfer. This would be pretty disastrous for my client.
I am new at this and do not want to screw it up.

If you use an already registered domain, you only set records to redirect and point to your WF’s page. WF is not a mail provider. If you’d go and terminate the service with bluehost, your emails will be gone - provided you did not back them up.

Bluehost remains the registrar. Will Webflow handle new emails going forward. Can the existing emails (at Bluehost) be migrated to Webflow hosting? I thought that was what happened with the MX record transfer. And how can I back up the emails?
I have not yet made the move.

WF does not offer emails as a provider. Connecting a custom domain does not include the mx records:

To point your domain to Webflow, you’ll create 2 types of records: A records to point the root domain ( to Webflow and a CNAME record for each subdomain (, as well as the full domain (

The wiki from WF does not mention mx records at all:

You could transition to other (bigger) email providers like gsuite etc.

Some extra info:

This is why I am asking the question. I saw the Webflow U video does not address email. Does this mean that Webflow hosting will not handle email? I do have a support request submitted with this question. Admittedly, I am confused about how email is handled.

I really appreciate the time you are giving me on this. Thanks.

WF will not handle emails at all!
You can use any other provider you like in conjunction with webflow and have custom integrations for your WF site, but it will not host an interface from where you send and receive emails.

The links I posted should provide some more info I hope…

You have been very helpful in untangling the info being pressed into my little noggin. I sincerely appreciate it. A big disappointment with Webflow. I love the WF designer and that is why I am here.
Now I have a new task. Thanks again.

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I understand that you expected this feature as well, it would be nice I admit.
But to put it a little more into context, building another email provider for webflow kind of misses the vision as I understand it. This magical piece of tech that WF has been creating since many years is a super complex undertaking, diverting resources to have just another email service would only subtract from progressing with the things we love about WF.

Thanks again! Be safe, have fun.

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