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Transfer Blogspot to Webflow CMS

Whatup brilliance? (yes, you!)

A client has a blogspot/blogger from 2007 and has stayed on that platform to avoid the pain of trying to find another platform.

Obviously staying on that platform really dates him and his work. He wants to be brought into the future but does not want to lose his lifes work.

Blogger exports .XML files, SEO is not critically important—but time and effort is. Is there a “simple” way to transfer information from a Blogspot Blog (including copy, pictures, spacing, etc) to Webflow CMS outside fo just copy pasting 1000 posts manually into webflow?

Any insight or advice is massive.

Thank you in advance.


If you can find a way to convert that .XML file to a .CSV file, you might be able to simply use Webflow’s CMS Import feature.

But, if you need to map reference fields (for the categories, tags, author, etc), then you can use my PowerImporter tool. If you do, I can have a look at your .XML file and see if I can import it as-is.

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Whatup @JudoHacker . I would appreciate it if you could take a quick look at the .XML.

Will DM you