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Squarespace - Exporting Blogs

Has anyone had any experience migrating their Squarespace blog across to Webflow?

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Does it have a CSV export? If not then you have to manually copy and paste each entry over.

This is why you don’t use proprietary software that doesn’t let you export your data.

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It exports into xml - is this do-able still?

My second option is to keep the site as a third party blog site and moving my business domain across.

Webflow only does CSV imports. Perhaps you can look for a programmer to convert the data for you.

Hello! I have the same need… I need to import an xml file (what Squarespace exports) into a Webflow collection. Anyone have some knowledge on how to make this happen cleanly? I know that Webflow imports a csv file. Any creative ideas out there to get this done quickly?

I did a quick google search for convert xml to csv and found this:


I haven’t used this yet, but maybe you can give it a shot? Convert your XML to CSV, then import that CSV into Webflow.

Did anyone solve for this export? We are considering building something to move our blogs and content over efficiently.