Importing a blog from Craft CMS to Webflow


I’ve previously used Webflow and love it. But my company is using Craft CMS, which is proving a nightmare because we need developers to make every small change and build new templates.

Is there a way to point just our blog pages to Webflow, so that I can build a new blog post template and have the CMS hosted in Webflow?

As a follow up, how difficulty/complex would the migration be? We have 100s of blog posts to move across and really we just want to preserve the titles, headings and ‘related blog posts’ sections.

Thanks so much in advance!

Hi @Ben_Goodey,

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The best way to import these in bulk is by using the CSV import feature: Import collection items | Webflow University

It looks like you can get a plugin for Craft CMS which will allow you to export your blog posts in CSV format: Export CSV

You’ll probably have to have a play around with formatting based on what format your Craft blog posts are in - you can just make corresponding fields in Webflow ex. title, heading - plain text, body text - rich text field, related blog posts - multi-reference field.

Hope this helps!

Chiming in here because we have the exact problem.

Did this work for you, @Ben_Goodey or an alternative solution?