Transfer an ecommerce to a free plan

I build an e-commerce website on my Lite Webflow account for a client, but now this person would like to fully control and edit the layout part so I guess the only way to make this work is to transfer the website on a new account just for the client.

I’ve just a couple of doubts about this:

  • Is it possible to transfer the website from my Lite account to a free account (which the client will create)? Or does the client need to activate some developer plan as well?

  • When transfering the website, is there anything that won’t be transfer (cms instances, products, collections, domain)?


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You can transfer it to a free account but they’ll need to a buy an ecommerce hosting plan to be able to use all the things you could plus go over the 50 CMS limit.
If you already have hosting on it, it won’t transfer.

I think I didn’t miss anything :slight_smile:

So if I get this right
I need to:

  • create a new free account for the client
  • transfer the website from my Lite account to client account
  • once the website has been transfered, buy an ecommerce plan on the free account

is that right?

once I’ll buy the ecommerce place will I see all the products,CMS instances, collection that I currently have on the website?

They’ll be able to see what you see and do many of the things you could.
But for example, they won’t be able to add new pages (products yes).
So when those limits are hit they’ll have to add an eCommerce hosting plan to that project to continue

It’s simpler than I make it sound (I think :sweat_smile:)

but when they’ll buy the e-commerce plan will they be able to see all the products, order history, and other just like on the previous website?

Having a hosting plan gives the projects all the abilities an account does (except the number of unhosted sites that will remain at two)

So everything you saw in their project, plus more than 50 products
(variations are part of the product count. so 10 products with 3 variations each = 30products)