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Suggestions on Account Plan

Hey everyone!

I can’t seem to wrap my head around on the final steps of getting my client’s site live with all these different plans. So the situation is as follows:

  1. I built the site under my own Lite Account Plan.
  2. I’d like to transfer the site to my client so that the client has control of the billing and handle all that stuff on their own.
  3. I can foresee that later on the client will want to change things on the site i.e. add more pages, mess with the design, etc…

Would this mean the client will not only need a Hosting plan to have the site live, but also an Lite Account Plan so they can use the designer to add pages? Or would they be able to edit/add pages to the site while it’s live under the basic free plan now that they have ownership of the project?

Thanks for everyone’s help!

Basic Plans only allow 2 pages for each project to a maximum of 2 projects for each account. What your client needs is to get (if he doesn’t have one already) a hosting plan to his WEBSITE ( not his account ) so he’ll be able to do everything (Use EMBEDS, more pages, etc) and host it when everything is ready.

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Gotcha, so just to confirm, my client only needs the CMS Hosting Plan and they will still be able to modify content and add more pages?

I just wasn’t sure if they needed anything extra other than the Hosting Plan.

Thanks for your reply!


No problem ! Happy to help! :webflow_heart: