Project Transfer with E-commerce limitations to Webflow Free user?


I have a small client here that owns a small business and is needing a website. We’re almost finished with the Project, and he noticed that after transfer the website back to his ownership (transferring the Project to his Personal Webflow account) he’s gonna be to pay for all of the Webflow plans now.

His Website has

  • Google Domain website.
  • Webflow template we bought and customized.
  • CMS + Ecommerce features on Webflow. Currently paid and active on my Webflow account.

He is wondering if he can keep the cost down, and just pay for the Google Domain website that he already owns? Not the Webflow subscriptions from now on.

  • Will transferring the website to him disable that CMS features editing on the Webflow Editor?
  • Will purchases even work with the Ecommerce features?
  • He wanted to ask what should be his options, if he doesn’t want to pay with Webflow monthly, while keeping its Ecommerce + CMS features? And just pay only for Google Domain every month?
  • Will code export and manual code editing and hosting able to do that?