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Track status/progress of a service


I am creating a website for a small computer repair shop and would like the customer to be able to track the status/progress of the service.

Is this possible in Webflow?

Thank you!

Hey George :grinning:
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Webflow currently has no functionality to create user-specific areas or membership’s. There are third-party services that provide such integrations, lots of posts about that here on the forum:

If your client only has a handful customers at a time, maybe creating several password protected pages could be a solution. A big drawback would be the manual labor needed to update each new customer etc…

Webflow will implement this some time in the future, as this is the most popular idea on the wish list and is tagged as “backlog”


Awesome thanks! Ill check it out!

They basically just need like a one time tracking service so they know the progress of their repair. Once that is complete it can be deleted.

I suppose you could create a “template” page for the status of the repair and for each new client copy and paste the template and fill in the information and set a password for this page. The customer gets the link and the pw and can view it.
This would mean someone (you?) has to create each page and update each job with each new status… very manual process, a simple email might be sufficient?
The cms feature for “private” data is somewhat not feasible…

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I just read yesterday that the membership feature will probably ship in next 6 month as WF is working on it despite having set it to backlog. Its from a statement of the Vlad the ceo here somewhere on the forum

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That’s fantastic news!

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[quote=“RDaneelOliwav, post:2, topic:125443”]
s “backlog”
no web flow don’t provide us the facility to add a tracking system you have to contact a software developer if you wnt to add a tracking status system or a company that provides you software development service