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Store and display user specific input data for membership site

Hi everyone, I’m new to Webflow (and web development) and I’m hooked. I have been building a membership website for runners with wordpress, but would love to switch to Webflow if possible. When people join, they receive some running apparel as part of their membership, and they gain access to a run tracking tool that allows them to create groups with other members and track their runs/progress together.

I have seen threads about workarounds for membership sites that would allow users to create accounts and limit pages they can view based on membership status, so I think I see the path forward there.

The part I’m not sure on is the run tracking tool. Would it be possible to have members form groups with other members, input their runs data (date of run, distance of run, duration of run, picture etc.) in some kind of form and then display only that user’s (or the group’s) data back in some kind of calendar display using Webflow’s CMS? (If each run is an Item in a Collection, this could end up being a lot of data fairly quickly!)

If that doesn’t sound doable, then any direction on other integrations I should research would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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