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Tip for webflow

Hi from Portugal,

First of all, i think you guys don´t have an idea how good this product is, this is a new era for webdesign.
I´m a photoshop dude… and 65% css/html. I don´t like code but i had to learn.

Now i don´t think about code, i just drag stuff and paint like photoshop, dude, this is… AAAAHHHHHH… i look like a kid on Christmas lol.

But i´m posting this to say you should invest more on the widget area, this area makes all the difference.

There are so many things you could include like:

  • Image slideshow
  • Content slideshow
  • Pop up images (modal window)
  • Pop-up contented (modal window)
  • Hide & Reveal content Tool Tips

And for last, and this one is more hard and difficult, have the possibility of to complex stuff with js on a visual way.
For exemple, When a click this square, he moves on x-axis 300px and stop and show some content, i know it´s a stupid example, but with this i can build very complex interfaces with a visual interface like complex menu´s, etc.

Webflow people, your product is freaking gooooood, but this is just some ideas to sleep on.

yep, i know my English sucks, sorry.


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Yeah man! That’s what we’re working on right now. First will come Sliders (content/image/anything slideshow), then Navigation, then probably Modals. You’ll be excited to see the new stuff. :100:

We pretty much want to make all these widgets easier and faster to work with (compared to coding).

Thanks for the feedback!


@thesergie Calendar / Date Selection widget for forms. Oh and how about a radio box in addition… (yes I’m using Webflow to build the front end of a web app giggles like a little school girl