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After over a year of playing with Webflow

I posted this over a year ago.

I still cannot get enough of it. The power of which you can design a responsive page as fast as you want and the code that it produces is super clean still amazes me. Each month a new feature is added to makes me feel as happy as a kid with LEGOs.

I may be fan-boying too hard at times (and my co-workers and friends see this first hand) but I really want to thank the Webflow team for producing a tool that completely changed the way I design websites.


PixelGeek -> Dude, i soooo understand you.

This tool change my work life, i spend hears doing html/css and this is the part i hated most.
My Boss is very happy because something i normally take 3 days to do, now i do it in 3 hours, this means we can make better prices to ours costumers.

But it´s not only the tool, it´s the company people. For the example, this forum is so important has the tool.
The only big thing missing here is joining the beautiful webflow tool with some type of “webflow CMS”, but this is another story.

To webflow admin -> Continue with the updates, continue to be humble, continue to improve, continue to listen to us “designers” and i guaranty you will have my money every month :blush:

I huge hug from Portugal - Azores


@PixelGeek @Rui_Almeida Thanks for the kind words, guys! We’re working as quickly as possible to make the best web design tool (and platform) out there, and having such passionate users is a huge motivation for us to keep innovating and moving forward!

By the way, @Rui_Almeida, about the “only big thing missing”, something big is coming :wink:


Dude… you just put a smile on my face :smiley:
Is Christmas coming soon this year?

so basically this is gonna be us?



Welp. I think I might know a little about this ‘something big is coming’ tease. I just stumbled upon this article from May. Where they briefly mention a launch this fall of pretty much exactly what Rui is wanting and more. Not sure if all of it will be included but they mention a simple CMS for editing content, blog, and ecommerce. Then went on to stick it to Wordpress with this lovely quote.

“WordPress and other CMS’s don’t currently let you work with truly dynamic data…they let you work with posts,” he says. “So if you run a custom business, or want to build something like a store, you’re really trying to cram your dynamic content into a blogging platform. We’re hoping to build a platform that lets designers and developers create any sort of content.”

So damn true and if any company can FINALLY make a more practical solution for a dynamic site with no limits its Webflow.

Here is the article.