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New feature - Slider

To Webflow administrators

“Vocês são o maximo, obrigada pelo presente de natal”

This translated do english is something like:
“You guys freaking rock, tanks for the Christmas gift”

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It actually is "You are the best, thanks for the Christmas present :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: And yep, thanks :wink:

Great! Have been waiting for this. :slight_smile:

why this slider doesn’t work for me ???

what do you mean don’t work?

Yeah guys, @danro is the man for making this happen!

sooo badass. Can’t wait to use this!

when i drop it on the page
nothing happens

Dude, help is on the way.

1- After you drag your slider to the canvas, the first thing you should do is add the number of slides you want.

You don’t have to, but it´s always good to give a class to your main slider container, it´s the first one on the top, “slider”.
One of the nice things here it´s you can give difference class´s to every slide.

Now for the cool part of this slider is: you can drag what ever you want inside, images, video, maps etc:

Hope this help´s you.


Thanks thesegie,

@danro , dude, give me your address to send you a [Porto Wine][1]

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How do I add Image to slides?

Check img 3 that i put on this post.

I found it out :D! Thanks!

If you want the whole slide to have a background image, you can select the slide (in the navigator as well) give it a class, give that a background image and make it “cover”. Every slide will either need a new class or just append another class on top of it so that the first class will cascade its styles to that one.

I am adding 960x420 pictures to the side but the slides shown 300px high? Does anybody know why?

@asabbaghi Add a class to the main Slider element, then click on the Height units and select “auto” from the menu.

Thanks for this. It works in preview mode but not on exported site!

No touch support for the slider?

Hi @jorn we’re working on that!

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@jorn the slider as of today has basic swipe support. It also utilizes a fast-click style “tap” event to eliminate the 300ms click delay on mobile browsers.

Also, some of you early adopters might notice that we migrated the Slider arrows over to an icon font yesterday. We felt this was necessary going forward, as we will likely have these types of icons in other widgets. Please let us know if this causes trouble for anyone.