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Another vote for Modal windows and Carousels

Personally, I think modal windows should be a staple for any editor. Mostly for viewing larger images, especially useful for portfolios.

Bootstraps Carousel integration would be nice


We agree! Modals and sliders would be killer. :slight_smile: I personally want them for my own site that I’m building in Webflow. We have these elements on our radar and will add them as soon as we can. Thanks for your patience!

Just checking in, before I do a bunch of these as custom embed js: Any idea when they might be coming along?

Hi @ramatsu – We are working on adding both modals and carousels soon. Our hope is to have both of these released (along with a bunch of other awesome improvements!) within the next couple of months.

We’ll keep you updated!

Cool - I also am eager to see this feature (especially carousels).

BTW I’m hoping that both features (modal and carousel) will work with images that are added as backgrounds to blocks, rather than just the ones that are inserted as media images, since this is how I’ve incorporated most of the images on my site.


Modals and Sliders will let you have design flexibility - so if you want a block with background images or normal images, you can do either. You will be able to add anything to the slides/modals.

Any guestimates on ETA for these? Was just about to look at wiring some in through jquery but would wait a week or two if the webflow-native feature was on its way in that timeframe.


@ramatsu we should have sliders/carousels ready in two weeks. @danro can give you a better projection though.


Are you considering a Widget for sliding images or divs? Targeting Divs would be great so users can insert their own stuff into the divs.


Slider will work for both images and mixed content- should be quite powerful.

Stay tuned! :dash:

Modals and carousels definitely get my vote :slight_smile:

Sliders sneak peek!

We’re expecting to launch this tomorrow, but I thought you guys might enjoy a screenshot of the new slider widget being put through its paces…

Edit: looks like we’ve got some gifs posted as well.

Sliders are live, gang! Enjoy! :boat:


You rule, really excited about this addition!

Sliders are looking great! Quick note, it would be great to customize the appearance of the elements more freely, though your defaults and limited formatting options do look great. But in the meantime, if I parse an exported site, I imagine I’ll be able to find their style names and override them in the custom code?

Any word on timing on modals? :slight_smile: My principal use for the sliders may end up in the modals.

Hey @ramatsu you can customize any element in the slider by clicking on it, adding a class, and styling away.

Another tip: To change arrows, drag a PNG or SVG into arrow div.

Hi Sergie! That’s great, it just took me a minute to figure out that the editor attributes, like Rounded at least, override style attributes like border-radius, so have to be unselected to get this to work.

(Edited-hadn’t inserted an image object into the arrow div, duh. Will webflow 2.0 just read my mind?)

Any way to change the size of your existing arrows that I’m missing?

@ramatsu If you set the font-size of the Arrows or the Nav elements, it will affect size of the inner Arrow or Nav dots respectively.

@danro and @thesergie, HUGE fan! Modals are my vote for next feature! Any timeline? Keep up the hard work! thanks, Matthew