Native Modal Window Widget

Hello guys!
So I create about 5 sites a week. Some simple landingpages, some more advanced multipage projects. Now in the past year (since the release of interactions), the creation of modals was quite easy to do. But the downside; not very easy to edit for clients (display, display none settings). I need at least 1 modal per website, at least in my client cases. It’s really one of the main things that I need and which is not available inside webflow as a “widget”. A simple ready to use “widget” which we can style the way we like, and put whatever content in them (slider, contact form, text, dynamic lists, etc.)

It’s really, really one of the most important elements my clients need in their website projects. And judging from other requests on this forum, I really think it’s something a lot of people are waiting for!

Just a few examples; (click on the hero phone button “Bel mij terug”) (click on top right button “Bel mij terug”) (click on top right email link “Stuur een e-mail”) (click on the top right “Bel mij terug” navigation link)


No one else in need of this possible feature/widget?

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Hell yeah we do, I would love this to happen. peace