This site is amazing

Just thought I’d share this insane site. It’s unbelievable. I’m usually not a fan of scroll hijacking, but this is ridiculously well done. Has anyone done anything remotely similar to this in Webflow?

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@jordanshotwell yeah it’s awesome!

Funny that you mention it, I’m working on something similar currently but it’s a long term personal project and I’ve got a lot on so I’ve had to postpone it… stay tuned :wink:

You should try and make something like it as well :slight_smile: it’s really quite easy with interactions, the key is to plan it all out on paper first :smile:



Yeah, it’s a LOT of interactions though! I have no time for that right now, it seems so overwhelming. But I’d love to at some point. Too bad most clients aren’t up for anything that experimental!


I remember seeing this on Muzli a few weeks ago, ACME World does some amazing work. :slight_smile:


Love it from a design perspective - but not from a customer one - sorry.

As someone who is new to design, how would Google rate it?

That’s amazing! Really cool interactions there. Our hope is to make things like this possible with our next iteration of Interactions in the designer.


Saw that bad boy the other day, absolutely stunning isn’t it! Love the colours and the golden yellow.

I’m not a massive fan of scroll hijacking either, I find on a lot of sites it causes me to skip to the next part accidentally, or it’s too slow (which is damn frustrating!) but Acme have managed to nail it with theirs.

I actually had a bash at recreating something like the transitions of the titles (how they roll up into place). Mine’s very crude and needs a looooot of work but I think you can see what I was trying to do! Done with WF interactions and using overflow to create divs that act like masks. Here’s a gif of it:

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