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Third party hosting and CMS blog

Hi, I am very much considering webflow for a project. However, one issue is giving me pause.

I am building a SaaS product. The product is tied to AWS and a domain I already own.

I would like a website for my Saas on the domain I already own that includes a landing page and a CMS so my team can blog very easily. This is where I am interested in Webflow.

However, the website must be hosted on my Amazon host account.

I would prefer to avoid using subdomains.

So, my question is this: Can I host a webflow website with CMS (the blog function specifically) on my own Amazon host, or if I do that will I lose Webflow’s blogging function?

Keep in mind, I never used Webflow and am doing research on it to buy it. Is it like CMS and I can just enter a dashboard to make a new blog post even if its on a third party host or not?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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The only way to use third party hosting is by export code.

The answer to your Q from the docs:

Does the exported code include my CMS and Ecommerce content?

CMS and Ecommerce content (databases) aren’t exported. Collection lists will show the empty state. Collection pages will also not show any content that’s bound to Collection fields as well.

Connect DOMAIN is something else (Connect any domain you want to webflow).


Wonder how or why any SaaS would ever use webflow? There are many templates for SaaS’s ln webflow, so I am surprised to hear a SaaS (or any site that requires its own advanced host) would use webflow if you cannot blog or collect emails?

This is all to say, there must be a work around? (other than subdomains).

Hard to understand your issue. Sass of Cars or Laywers - webflow hosting support all kind of sites (and add any custom code you want - or tools like zapier)

Sorry, I don’t think you understand what I mean. I wasnt clear. I mean a SaaS like netflix is a SaaS, not a lawyer website.

My SaaS needs Amazon architecture. It cannot be hosted elsewhere.

But I like the webflow CMS editor. Can I still use it for my website’s landing page’s blog posts (not to build the Saas of course)? Is there a paid plan for the blogging CMS even on sites not hosted by Webflow?

No. To use webflow CMS you must host your site on Webflow.

There are many SaaS web apps that use Webflow for their landing pages, blog, knowledge base, SEO keyword pages, etc, and then host the web app itself on a different subdomain. :point_right: Webflow site :point_right: AWS hosted web app

This is usually not a problem since it’s rare that your web app needs to be crawled by search engines (it’s usually all authentication protected pages anyway).

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True, the subdomain is the way to do it. Thanks,

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