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Main site on webflow and a directory somewhere else?


I have built a website on webflow, then exported it and hosted it somewhere else.
But now, I would like to add a CMS plan to the site and manage it on Webflow directly.
Thing is, there’s a wordpress installation on that site that handles a “Netflix-like” platform.
So the webflow site part is just to show the content available, but there’s no backend with users and stuff. When you click on “login”, you are being sent on the wordpress installation login page, then the user is being set to the logged in section.

This is how it’s setup right now :

Main site (built with webflow) :
Netflix-like wordpress installation that users are being redirected to when they wanna log in or sign up :

So what I need to know, is can I handle and manage the main site on Webflow’s hosting service with the CMS, and make it so that if a user tries to access the “” site, they are being sent on my current hosting (which is not with webflow), within that folder on the server?

Thanks a lot

Not without something like Cloudflare workers. Once the is on Webflow, all you can do is provide a redirect to another resource which would need to be hosted on another subdomain.