Externally hosted site - Webflow hosted blog

I couldn’t find a straight-up answer to this by searching.

example.com is on it’s own host. If I want to set up blog.example.com and have just the blog hosted with Webflow, will I be able to accomplish that?

Really? I would’ve thought this kind of question has a ready-at-hand answer. lol

Hi @Cricitem You can’t host the CMS outside of Webflow servers. But if you want to connect a subdomain to your Webflow project, you can. Here is how: https://university.webflow.com/article/connecting-a-subdomain

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

You need to create a subdomain on your hosting server called blog.example.com then create a CNAME record pointing to proxy-ssl.webflow.com and add the subdomain created to the hosting settings of your webflow project.

According to me, please don’t install that shitty stuff on your Wordpress Site, I myself used it but it made my site very very slow. Also the notification often goes to the Spam section of Gmail so it’s of no use.