The Material Design Lite in Webflow

Hi Guys,

I’ve made my first setup of the Material Design Lite by Google developers in Webflow.

It’s my aim to elaborate this template over the coming month, with more functionality, custom css and better interactions. I’ve made this page with one purpose: figure out how to get a Webflow template into a Wordpress template and share that knowledge here; the Webflow forum.

Finally, when the template is done, I’ll let people clone it and use it. If @thesergie is interested, it can serve as a free template in the gallery.

Let me know if you have suggestions or ideas.


Awesome website! I love the entire look of it. Maybe add some interactions to make the transitions smooth. Simply fade down/up/left/right animations will do with a special one that shows up here and there.

Edit: I only visited the link and didn’t see that you planned to add interactions already. :smile:

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Thanks @MinewireNetwork, I will definately add interactions to smoothing things up.
What kind of things would you like added if you want to use the template?

Sorry to disappoint, but I stopped using Webflow templates a while back. I only create from scratch now, but the template you have is very good and I would use it if I still did that sort of thing.

Thanks for your reply! I’ll wait and see if there’s other people around wanting to use it!

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I’d love to see you finish out this design, @diu!

Hi @jmw, here’s an update. I’ve added basic CMS functionality:

Plus, cloning is now allowed!

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Loving it, Diu, and the added CMS functionality is just what this template needs. I see you got your heading issue fixed with a little help from Yoav. Big thing I’m seeing now is some content formatting issues at mobile sizes. Once you get that fixed, this is going to be a great template. Keep up the good work!

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Thanks @jmw, I’ll focus on making it fixed on mobile sizes first!

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